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Improvised April – Joshua Williams

You Don’t Notice Things when they’re not there

The welcome absence of ground elder in January
as fragile snowdrops shoulder their way through gravel
and blackbirds snap scarlet berries of cotoneaster.

The  non-clatter of street machine-gun fire
as shadows slide along sun-cooked walls
and electronic prayer-calls ricochet from stone.

Wind on a silent morning as you watch
for pale birch-branches breaking silently
under an unseen hand onto mossy lawns.

The moon hidden behind teetering cloud-falls
on nights when Orion is out missing on the hunt
and wailing sirens fill an empty space.

Fear on a good morning when you wake refreshed,
intent on things to do, places to see, sure
that your connection to the world is full and rich.

Love, when you imagine you are sufficient unto yourself,
without need for nurture or reflection
in the beautiful caring eyes of another.

David Punter

You Don’t Notice Things when they’re not there

The Art of Kindness

“My Art of Kindness project has developed from an understanding that how we think about ourselves and others is crucial to how we live. Our neo-liberal societies have pursued economic and financial growth, and as a result have neglected traditional values and virtues. I see kindness as a key value that has a big effect on how we live and how we experience our lives, and the lives of others (other beings, too). My art tries to re-dress the balance of messages we receive and pass on day to day. I deliberately choose messages such as ‘You are cool’ or ‘You are beautiful’ because it reminds the person- and us all- that we all have inherent worth and value. It also helps us see this worth in others. My project is based in Bristol and nearby towns, but I’d love to see it spread elsewhere. To this end, I’m trying to set the project up as a social enterprise. The aim over time is to help others develop their own local kindness projects. We all need messages of kindness, wherever we live. Living in a city, I’m aware that inequality is not only economic; it is also about access to hope and beauty. My project aims to redress some of that imbalance, whilst reminding people that everyone has equal worth.”

There is a Space

There is a space in which I discover what binds us
Together, the mother’s tender hands are cold.
Is this karma? An unbalanced dream, we have gone too far,
Locked down responsibility finds the song of the blackbird,
Frosted spider webs like mini trampolines for the insects
We depend on, wilderness; our ancestor, life giver, 
Needs more space, more time to recover. Joined together, 
Alive, delicate and strong as a tonne of feathers.
Choices are ours to wield with empathy, look closer into
The wings, beaks, webbed feet, dorsal fins of nature,
Would you want these gone forever?

Indigo Moon
Image © Jonathan Eldridge

Exit Room

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