Falling back

The Screaming Seagulls

Almost the end of March. It is warm and the seagulls are screaming. The sun is turning buildings into blinding instruments. Bottles clink, and I like to think they are filled with alcohol. A shadow passes overhead. That spindly, isolated bit of heather Indicates left. I cannot see the whole of its dance. Someone on […]

Trooper’s Hill

The tall chimney ruffled seems as though it could collapse at this moment. Rough, sharp, something of it beyond language, the language that I write existing in the frame of things previously thought, the words an expression that I don’t take it for granted. Put there, standing there falling back on itself through itself like […]

Lockdown autoethnography: Part 1

This is an extended version of an autoethnography I submitted as part of my post-grad dissertation, exploring and describing my relationship to place. Author’s note This autoethnography was compiled from reflections, memoir, notes, writing exercises, poetry, and more general ideas about place. It was written in Bath and Forest Gate during the Covid-19 lockdown. Whilst […]

Lockdown autoethnography: Part 2

This is the second part of my autoethnography of place during lockdown. A longer read. Repetitions and resonant moments Exploring our actions forces us away from the present, and into memory; when we reach a certain point in our psychological archaeology, we find a memory with a resonant quality, a gravity, around which other moments […]

Lockdown autoethnography: Part 3

This is the final part of my lockdown autoethnography. Already being there: absent life and unsettling Back to abandoned places. Why am I fascinated by ruins, by abandonment? As a child I loved history. For a junior school project, I once made a papier-mâché ship. I was very proud of it. I also wrote little […]

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