New Orientations was set up in 2020 by MA Environmental Humanities graduate Jonathan Eldridge. Originally created to explore how we might foster more ecologically conscious ways of thinking about and interacting with places, it has since developed into a place-based framework, utilising the concepts of creativity, care and criticality to approach complex issues, and understanding how we can challenge ourselves to create genuinely regenerative cultures. Having grown up in London, Jonathan was particularly interested in urban environments and the way they shape behaviour. Jonathan has applied this approach as a writer, curator, researcher and co-creator of The Ideas Bank. Scroll down to find out more about some of the projects Jonathan has been involved with, or click on the menu in the top bar to explore the site.


What makes creativity matter for urban orientation? How can urban places and spaces foster or encourage more creativity?


What does it mean to care for an urban place? How can care be practised faithfully in highly complex environments?


Why is criticality necessary for urban beings? Why should criticality be necessary for ecologically conscious orientations?

Projects, experience & skills

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