What makes creativity matter for urban orientation? How can urban places and spaces foster or encourage more creativity?


What does it mean to care for an urban place? How can care be practised faithfully in highly complex environments?


Why is criticality necessary for urban beings? Why should criticality be necessary for ecologically conscious orientations?

Something you put there, 
I put there,
to stop the wind, the water,
the crystals and polymers
we hadn't learnt the worth of. 

I scrambled up like an infant
my body
finding tarmac to walk on
finding buildings
to suspend itself inside.
All those places emerge quickly

A pressure
on the soles of my feet,

a certain breeze on my cheeks

a cove, warm and strange,
and a swirling composite of cliffs

as hollow as a sponge, 
pockets where I had paused
to look about at the sea, 
the sand, the clouds above
a halfway harbour. 

Projects & Places

Pause: small stories was an artistic project exploring how places, our attitude towards and our relationships with them have changed during the Covid-19 pandemic. This project is made up of writing, photography, music, sculpture, visual and other multimedia art pieces that either reflect individuals’ experience of place during lockdown, or stem from a place in which those individuals spent a large amount of time. Whilst giving people a chance to navigate the closure and shrunken places of lockdown, it also looks at how this change might shape how we view place in the future.

The Bath Challenge Project is funded by Bristol & Bath Creative R&D. It explores collaboration and connectivity within and between the creative industries in Bath, focusing on the barriers to this. What sort of role can the creative industries play in Bath’s post-pandemic recovery? How can these industries and creative practitioners have long lasting community impact? How does the city engage with, contribute to, and make the most of regional activity? As an accompaniment to the project, I will be publishing autoethnographic segments, discussing terms and themes, and navigating my own relationship to Bath and to the research.

The Ideas Bank is a prototype collaboration between New Urban Orientations and Curious Co.. Through The Ideas Bank, we hope to produce a model of engagement that assists creative, inclusive, ecological and community-oriented ideas to flourish. We bring together experience in creating high-quality theatrical entertainment, audience engagement, social research skills, place-informed practice and a desire to promote positive change. We also have a sense of fun and playfulness. We prototyped The Ideas Bank at the EMERGE Showcase week, where we were inviting participants to engage in a number of ways:

  1. Investing an idea.
  2. Donating an idea.
  3. Posting or exchanging an idea on The Ideas Exchange.

UPCOMING – Waiting in between is an artistic research project exploring those urban places and spaces which are specially designed to both suspend and facilitate various movements, of people, animals, materials, objects. Stations, waiting rooms, supermarkets, shops, shopping centres, lobbies, bus stops, parks, virtual places.This project aims to challenge people to consider how these places come into being. Through research, interviews, poetry, stories, photography and music the project encourages us to look again at these liminal zones which are archetypal contemporary places. The Covid-19 pandemic has also expanded the range of potential inbetween places and spaces, and understanding our relationships to/with these can allow us to more easily navigate disruptive transitions that affect us mentally and physically.

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