Virtual Nibbles

Instructions for those feeling overwhelmed: Take a break. Leave your laptop or phone or tablet and get a drink of water from the kitchen. Take a deep breath. Find your favourite and most accessible snack. Eat for a while. Stop. Breathe, again. Have another drink. Come back.

places where people come and wait and depart
we are falling through thought 
a place is more than just a list
a place is the meaningful connection between things

I watched through the cold metal blinds of the bathroom, thinking of the production of waste, of all the things I’d owned and disowned. I looked at the houses careening down into the valley, and the hills beyond, naked at their apexes, the vegetation of civilisation skirting their bases, creeping up their chests. I looked at this and laughed. I thought about each brick, where it had come from, buildings disembodied into their constituent parts. How ridiculous it all was, how funny, how incomprehensible.

things are jumbled up 
rhythms, you learn to dance to them
you feel the pressure of those past dances
this place sticks to me as I move
this place draws back from me like a tide

All images, text and recordings © Jonathan Eldridge

Exit room

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