The Bath Challenge Project

The Bath Challenge Project is funded by Bristol & Bath Creative R&D. It explores collaboration and connectivity within and between the creative industries in Bath, focusing on the barriers to this. What sort of role can the creative industries play in Bath’s post-pandemic recovery? How can these industries and creative practitioners have long lasting community impact? How does the city engage with, contribute to, and make the most of regional activity?

As an accompaniment to the project, I will be publishing autoethnographic segments, discussing terms and themes, and navigating my own relationship to Bath and to the research.

  • Closer, but further away
    I do not live in Bath, though I am resident of two studio spaces: Sion Hill and Palace Yard Mews, Bath Spa’s Enterprise & Innovation Hub. People work and interact within these studios temporarily, occupying spaces, coming and going. The organisational and spatial structures of these studios encourage an interrupted flow. An artist familiar with […]
  • Patterns, everywhere
    Place is a pattern of rhythms. I wrote the start of this on a train. I write this part at the desk in my bedroom. I work from the morning up until lunchtime. Sometimes I work downstairs at the kitchen table. The house is south facing, so the light that comes in through the windows […]