Bath Challenge Project

The Bath Challenge Project is exploring Bath’s creative ecology. What is the current state of Bath’s creative ecology? How can the creative industries play a more central role in Bath’s post-pandemic renewal and recovery? What are the barriers to community participation in the arts and creative industries? What projects are there already that can be supported? How can the creative community in Bath construct a more cohesive narrative? These are some of the questions the project is responding to.

As part of the preliminary research, I would like to ask other questions that deal with value, definitions, identity and meaning. These questions will help to outline differences between key concepts, distinguish a collective vision/collage of Bath and explore the distinct relationships of individuals with/within Bath itself. Please choose one and only one set of questions to answer – don’t peak at both sets before choosing. You may answer as many or as few of the questions as you like.

Preliminary Research Question – B1

Preliminary Research Questions – A2